10 Tips for Creating Your Perfect Wedding Vows

  1. 20 wStart with a clean piece of paper. Down the left side of the page, write numbers 1-10. Now – without stopping to think about it, fill in this page! Write down the first 10 things that come to mind in response to this sentence: “I love (my partner’s name) because …“ Set this piece of paper aside.2. Now – how about YOU? What do YOU bring to this union? What promises will you make? Take another sheet of paper, and write ‘em down. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or anything else at this point. Just write down 4-5 things you want to promise this very special person:
  • Do you promise to be faithful with your body as well as with your mind and heart?
    • Do you promise to support your partner even when he/she isn’t perfect?
    • Do you promise to share all your resources? Some?
    • What about if he/she gets sick? What about if you have a serious fight?

You get the idea . . . what are you promising in this union?

 3. Think about the language you will use to claim

Wedding Customs From Around The World

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Crys Stewart, editor of Wedding Bells magazine offers inspirations for personalizing a wedding by adapting wedding customs from around the world:

Update the Quaker tradition of having every guest sign the register as witnesses by requesting that guests sign a calligraphic poster of your wedding vows.

In Britain, it’s considered good luck if a charwoman appears and begs a coin from the bridal couple on their way to their reception. Celebrate your joy with a donation to your favorite charity. Have your best man send it on your wedding day.

Follow the Bermudian tradition of using a tiny evergreen tree as a cake topper. Plant the tree in your backyard after the wedding.

A new take on the Scottish tradition of the groom gifting his bride with an engraved “wedding spune” is to give the mothers of the bride and groom silver serving-spoons engraved with your initials and your wedding date.

Symbolically binding the bridal couple immediately after the ceremony is an ancient rite that’s honored around the world: in Africa, some tribes will tie the bride’s and groom’s wrists together with

25 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

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If you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve seen it all. From the flowers and the candles to the dress and the music, the typical wedding can be as predictable and generic as your Uncle Leo’s dance moves. For your wedding to stand out, you need to involve your guests in the sentiment and process of the day. It’s not the cake or the great food that will be remembered, but all the little details that will make your wedding as unique and memorable for your guests as it will be for you. These 25 ideas on how to personalize your day will make it the event that will be talked about for years to come:

1. Write a welcome note for your out-of-town guests on postcards from the city your wedding takes place. It’s a nice personal touch that shows tremendous thought as well as a keepsake that can be saved with photos of the wedding.

2. Include an “About the Wedding Party” section in your programs or on the reception tables for your guests to learn more about the members of your bridal party. Not everyone will know

Getting beauty ready for your wedding

Just married couple leaning on fence by the beach
Just married couple leaning on fence by the beach

The day is almost here! You’ve been longing for it for ages, counting down the days and wishing that you would go faster, and so it’s probably a bit a surprise that you only have a month to go before the day that you say ‘I do’ and become the spouse of the person that you absolutely adore and love. The cake has been ordered, the dress is fitted, the flowers are chosen, and the rings are ready and waiting for you – but that does not mean that you are finished with the planning. Oh no, there is still the biggest decision of all for you to decide on: and that’s exactly how you are going to get beauty ready for your wedding!

Of course, there are a million and one things to consider under this category, but let’s assume that you’ve already decided on how you want your hair and make up, and you’re either going to do it yourself

Putting Together a Wedding Scrapbook

After you get back from your honeymoon, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is to put together your wedding scrapbook. Your wedding scrapbook will be the ultimate way you remember the most important day of your life, so getting it properly organized is very important. Most couples look at their wedding scrapbook every single anniversary so they can remember their friends and family, so it is sure to be one of the most looked at photo albums in your collection. Fortunately, putting together a wedding scrapbook isn’t all that difficult, and here are some things to consider before you start putting it all together.

Ceremony First

It is important to remember that the very first thing you should see when you open your wedding scrapbook is your ceremony. In particular, you should make sure that the very first page is completely comprised of photos of the bride. Many couples choose to have a collage of photos from when she was preparing for the wedding and when she was standing outside the ceremony venue for the very first page. Generally, the second page will be a collage of the groom while he

Bonbonniere articles & tips

Bonbonniere Checklist

We all love to receive gifts. Bonbonnieres are special, because they are not only gifts; they are gifts that remind us of the day that we celebrated a momentous occasion with a loved one. Giving bonbonnieres isn’t merely a nice gesture – it’s a memento that your guests will keep (possibly for many years) to remember your wedding.

With all of the other planning involved, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is for bonbonnieres to slip a bride-to-be’s mind. The following guideline is designed to guide you through the steps, from brainstorming bonbonniere ideas to partaking of the bonbonniere yourselves. Not all of these steps will necessarily apply to all brides, but they should prevent any wedding-brain catastrophes, and leave your guests with a lasting impression of your wedding.

One Year to Go

• While you’re in the early stages of wedding planning – deciding on themes and colour schemes – give some thought to the type of bonbonniere you would like to give your guests. Try to tie it into your overall theme, or use it as a creative expression of your and your partner’s personalities.

9 Months

• If

Wedding Articles & Tips

At Bride Online, inspiring you with modern, on trend wedding ideas is our passion. Our Editor and team of fabulous writers are excited to create helpful, informative articles that not only assist in planning your big day but inspire you to have the wedding of your dreams and make that inspiration an easy transition into reality.

Whether you are searching for wedding reception ideas, want to know what the perfect dress for your shape and size is, craving wedding cake frequently asked questions, need to know how to decorate the perfect vintage wedding, the do’s and don’ts for bridesmaids duties, how to have a kid free wedding zone or which style of photography will work best for you big day, we have poured years of the creative efforts from some highly experienced individuals into great articles, Q and A’s and tips freely available to all Australian brides right here!

So if you are searching for general wedding ideas or just looking for ways to make those ideas happen, you are definitely in the right place. Etiquette articles, how to’s, Top 10’s and countless inspiration boards have been categorized for you and will make it

Strike A Chord Go Beyond Mainstream Music

If you’re the type of bride who shudders at the thought of hearing Pachelbel’s Canon as you walk down the aisle, don’t despair. As of the writing of this article, there were absolutely no legal requirements to include that most ubiquitous cello piece in your wedding. In fact, when it comes to music for the big day, you’re only limited by your imagination and personal tastes. On an occasion that can seem like everything has to be done in a particular way, the freedom you have in making musical choices will allow you to put your own personal stamp on this most memorable occasion. Let’s run down some of your options:


You may draw the line at Pachelbel, but that leaves you thousands of other choices. If you’re worried about being predictable, think about this: What many folks think of as classical music covers a range of hundreds of years, from Monteverdi’s stunning 16th-century harmonies to Gershwin’s 20th-century “Rhapsody in Blue.” That’s a lot of territory.

And in terms of formality, you can work it however you like, from one musician plucking an acoustic guitar, to an octet dressed in its finest and delivering

Wedding Bells and Sounds A Guide to Ceremony Music

You stand in the foyer of your church in your wedding dress. You watch the regal procession of your wedding party down the main aisle of your church. Now it is your turn to begin your climactic walk. Your guests stand facing you, eagerly awaiting your entrance. You take the first step, but WAIT! Where’s the music!

Could you imagine walking down the aisle to nothing but the sound of your own heart beating? This example illustrates the importance of music to your wedding ceremony. Modern Bride’s Complete Wedding Planner states, “No other single element of your celebration has the power to move your guests and engage the emotions of all in attendance the way beautiful music does.” This article will discuss music for each part of the wedding ceremony, first by describing the role of music, and then by recommending selections that most successfully accomplish it.


The Prelude is an interval of music starting 20 to 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. During the Prelude, your music provider establishes the mood for your wedding. The choice of appropriate mood is entirely up to you, and you may use vocal or instrumental music to create it.

New Year Eve Weddings

Planning a wedding at the turn of the New Year? The symbolism of beginning your new life together as you begin a new year strengthens the commitment you feel for each other and adds one more reason to throw a great New Year’s Eve party.

If your ceremony is to begin at exactly midnight, start looking early for an Officiant who will perform the ceremony. You may have difficulty finding one who will stay up late to marry you. An Officiant who specializes in performing marriage ceremonies but is not associated with a particular church may be more willing to stay up late. You can find references for these freelance officiators in bridal magazines tailored to your area, the telephone directory, or from a bridal coordinator.

You may wish to have your reception include the magical midnight festivities. This can be more fun for your guests and easier for you to get wedding services. You can hold your ceremony earlier in the evening, or even in the afternoon and get all dressed up for a New Year’s Eve party you won’t soon forget. This works out well for families with young children and seniors who aren’t up for all night

Having A Medieval Renaissance Wedding Updating It For Modern Times

When fashion historians in years to come look back on what characterized the 1990’s, one thing will stand out. No, not grunge; that fad happened too early in the decade to be much remembered in the end. Rather, the 1990’s will be remembered for this: borrowing fully and shamelessly from other eras, both in this century and those earlier.

Nowhere is this trend more obvious than in wedding fashions. An examination of styles that were popular in the past ten years reveals a fascinating obsession with and love for times past. The gauzy, pre-hippie look of the Empire-style gown, (anyone remember Gwyneth Paltrow in “Emma”?) the lacy dress and swept-up hairdo of the Victorian era, or the stylish suit–a la Coco Channel–of World War II brides; all have been resurrected–and often updated–in the past decade.

One of the most emulated historical periods, I found in researching this topic, is the Medieval/Renaissance. People worldwide, particularly in Western cultures, have chosen to recall this time when creating their own nuptials. And why not? Turns out the traditions of the age of the Renaissance are some of the most rich–and beautiful–in European history.


So you’ve gotten

Ten Ways to Have an Irish Wedding

Honor your Emerald Isle heritage with traditions that are romantic, clever, and a couple that are downright strange. Here are some ideas on how to fill your wedding with all things Irish save the Blarney Stone.

Harvest Knots. According to history, Irish men declared their intentions of marriage by giving their fiancee harvest knots of straw decorated with flowers or bells to wear in their hair or around their neck. Make a harvest knot to wear on your wedding day, or place one in your bouquet to symbolize your Irish heritage.

Lace! A way to incorporate Celtic pride into your wedding attire (besides hand-beading four leaf clovers all over your gown) is to adorn yourself with beautiful Irish lace. Known for its intricate patterns and zenith quality, wear a veil or carry a handkerchief made of this intricate Irish decoration.

Playin’ o’ the Pipes. Infuse your ceremony with the strains of the Irish pipes. Although bagpipes have Celtic roots, they are traditionally Scottish. For a truly Emerald Isle affair, locate an Irish uillean piper to lead the processional or recessional.

Irish Wedding Feast. The customary wedding feast in Ireland was a potluck hosted at

What Does The Flower Girl Do

Here’s the skinny on what the flower girl does, where she stands, and who makes sure she gets down the aisle with all her clothes on.

If you’re going to have a flower girl in your ceremony, remember:

  • Most baby brides aren’t any older than 8 or 9. If you have an older girl whom you want included in the wedding, make them a junior bridesmaid instead.
  • Flower girls are placed either before the maid of honor, or right before the bride in the procession. Sometimes the flower girl and the ring bearer walk down the aisle together.
  • The flower girl does not have to wear a mini bride’s dress (even though some bridal gowns come with them), but may wear a pretty dress of her own that she can use again after the wedding.

The “cute” factor. Since the Victorian era, children have been used in the wedding party, mostly for the guests to ooh and ahh over. The reason to have a flower girl is because they’re so doggone cute, and (whether you want them to or not) will sometimes provide a little comic relief. If you are not having children at your

Creative Ways To Add Cultural Touches To Your African American Wedding

  1. Coordinate your entire wedding with African inspired accessories from wedding brooms to Kente cloth garters, pillows and guest books and wedding stationery.2. Walk down the aisle with your hair braided instead of wearing a separate headpiece.

    3. If you prefer to wear a headpiece, ask your wedding consultant for advice on crafting an African-inspired wedding hat or “crown” that will complement your attire.

    4. Walk down the aisle to the tune of drums and African instruments enhanced by the joyful shouts, clapping and bell-ringing of your loved ones.

    5. Place a basket of ribbons at the entrance of your ceremony site and invite guests to tie a ribbon to the broom before the ceremony.

    6. As you jump the broom you will have each guest’s good wishes attached.

    7. Select a favorite hymn for guests to sing as you jump the broom after the ceremony.

    8. You may also cross sticks. Slaves used to cross sticks as a symbol of marriage

    9. Have wedding bands made with the sign of the Ankh. The Ankh is a symbol of eternal life, love and the beginning of new life as two families become one.

    10. Order a wedding cake with African decorations.

    11. Decorate your flower arrangements with afro


Military weddings are a privilege of those in the armed forces or cadets. All are formal, with military personnel in dress uniform and commanding officers seated according to rank. What most guests at a military wedding are most likely to remember is the “crossed sabers,” also known as the “arch of sabers,” or the “arch of steel.”

The word steel, is synonymous for and used to represent either sabers for Navy or swords for Army, Air Force and Marines. Traditionally the bride and groom walk through the arch of swords. That passage is meant to ensure the couple’s safe transition into their new life together.

The arch of swords is formed by an honor guard made up of members of the military who would normally wear a sword or saber when in dress uniform. Should one of the honor guard also be serving as a wedding attendant, in order to conform to tradition, he or she must be in full uniform. That includes wearing a sword or saber while in the wedding party. No one out of full dress uniform may, when conforming to military procedure, carry a sword or saber. The commanding officer should serve

Halloween and Fall Harvest Theme Weddings

Planning a wedding in late October? These wedding themes give you plenty of room to express your individuality.

Start with an orange and black invitation with stamped images or cut outs of vampires or pumpkins as a border. Perhaps a pumpkin shaped card or cornucopia would better express your theme.

If you want your guests to arrive in costume, be sure to say so on the invitation. A newsletter is the best way to tell your guests what you expect them to do, wear, and bring.

Wedding attire is the next big step. At a Halloween wedding, you might want to wear a costume that reflects your interests – a pilot, scuba diver, mountain climber, or even a rodeo star make for entertaining weddings.

A harvest theme wedding could accent more traditional clothing with jewel toned accessories like bow ties, cummerbunds, a ribbon tied at the bride’s waist, a shawl, or even a hat will be a beautiful accent in deep green, wine, gold, or blue.

Location, location, location. Where should you have your wedding? How about a cozy chalet with a roaring fire or a spooky stone church with candles in hurricane globes? For an outdoor wedding, you might choose a park, or

Theme Wedding A French Flavored Soiree

Say “France,” and people think romance, non? And what could be more romantic than getting married high atop Le Tour Eiffel? Fortunately, you don’t have to board an Air France jet (or even be French) to have a chic affair. Plan a French-style wedding on your home turf — let your creativity soar. Here are some suggestions for a fabulous French-style fete:


To truly emulate the French, you must think about food and wine before all else. Start your onslaught of all things francais during the cocktail hour. Have five or six different French wines available, with a wine expert (or wine-buff friend) on hand to pour and explain the different vintages to your guests.

If you’re marrying in November, make it a Beaujolais Nouveau night — the light French red wine introduced each November with great fanfare. Get yourself some of the festive posters that are printed for the occasion to hang on the walls. And best of all, Beaujolais Nouveau is relatively inexpensive — ask your local wine store for details and instructions on making a special order.

It’s an old French custom for the couple to drink their reception toasts


Elizabethans at every level of society–indeed, the peasants and middle-class perhaps even more than royalty–loved a good time. This was particularly true of weddings.

Elizabethan weddings were the first to feature many of the customs we use today, including the exchanging of vows and rings, the creation and eating of wedding cakes, and the passing of the garter. The notion of a bridal party procession developed during Elizabethan times, as did the brides wearing wreaths of blossoms and carrying bouquets trimmed with love knots.

Wedding dresses tended to fall into two categories: heavy brocades ornamented with threads and lace in gilted, metallic colors; or white, billowy dresses with long sleeves, antique lace and bows, and a number of tiny buttons. No matter what the style, the dress usually had a plunging neckline that revealed ample cleavage. Otherwise, the bride’s body was fully covered with a number of petticoats and corsets, resulting in a vast, ball-gown style skirt.

Wedding dresses tended to fall into two categories: heavy brocades ornamented with threads and lace in gilted, metallic colors; or white, billowy dresses with long sleeves, antique lace and bows, and a number of tiny buttons. No matter

Ten Ways To Have A Country & Western Wedding

Find a “countrytime” location.
Look for alternatives to a traditional reception hall. Does a family member own a barn that you can use, or are there barns available for rental in your area? The great thing about Western weddings is they are perfect in backyards, State Parks, and other areas otherwise not considered for a formal wedding.

Dress the part.
Women’s western wear varies depending on just what kind of Western bride you wish to be. If the Old Wild West is your thing, look for a Victorian lacy gown like you’d see in old time photos, complete with a parasol and lace-up boots. For a more casual, modern approach, a denim skirt and white blouse with a wide lace collar will do the trick. Decorate a cowboy hat with a veil or fresh flowers to add a wedding touch. Don your cowboy boots, and your Western wedding gown is complete! For men, dress is much simpler. Vests, bolo ties, cowboy boots and hats are easily acquired and look great with formal or casual attire.

Invitations that say “yee-haw!”.
Print your invitations on heavy Victorian card stock or other rustic paper with a “scrolly” 19th Century

Having A Beach Wedding

Feel like a fish out of water planning your seaside soiree? From selecting invitations to managing mosquitoes, we’ve got tips for making your beach wedding a total breeze.

Have you checked local ordinances and obtained necessary permits? A wedding on the beach can be a blast — but some prep work and research are required to pull it off without a hitch. Here’s a working list of must-ask questions:

  • How many guests are allowed?
  • Can food be served?
  • Can a tent be pitched?
  • Is smoking or alcohol permitted?
  • What about wheelchair access?
  • Are there restrooms for guests? (You may have to rent portable toilets if there are no nearby public restrooms). If not, is there a dressing room in the area?
  • Are electrical outlets available? If not, how can electricity be made available?
  • What are the rules for lighting fires: bonfires, candles, torches, citronella, etc.?
  • Who cleans up the area?
  • Are pets allowed (in case you want your pooch to join in the fun)?
  • What is the tide schedule? Be sure to check — tides coming in are noisier than tides going out, plus you risk the chance of water creeping up on you as you wed. For a tide chart, visit Tidesonline.com.
  • What time does the

A Swinging Affair Art Deco Wedding Styles Of The 30

Sure, the country was in a depression, but the Art Deco styles of the 1930s were roaring full steam ahead.

Looking to make you nuptials really swing? Then take a cue from the styles of the 1930s. Here’s what you need to know to throw a hopping affair reflective of this energetic-and complex-era.

Marriage in the ’30s

The 1930s was a troublesome decade in American history. The Great Depression began to have a dramatic effect on people’s lives in 1929, and Americans escaped their own problems by reading about the lives of the rich and famous. Ironically enough, Hollywood glamour thrived in the midst of the hardship, with sexy stars like Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich packing the theaters.

The lore

The Art Deco era emphasized the sleek and modern, and wedding fashion reflected this style. Receptions during the Depression were small, with young brides fantasizing about a large affair that only the fabulously wealthy could afford. After reading about Princess Marina of Greece’s wedding in 1934, many soon-to-be wed wished they too could be “queen for the day.” The glamorous Art Deco bride became a more common sight as people finally began